Special Education School PA uses the ukeru method in their school in order to provide the best quality emotional support for their students. If you are like me and have no idea what this method consists of that is perfect because I am about to explain it to you in the best way that I can. This method is used in our school in order to ensure great emotional success and learn the value of dealing with your emotions in a healthy way. This is why they teach the staff this method in order to apply it to their students.

The Ukeru method that they use here at Special Education School PA was developed by Grafton to reduce the use of physical restraints as well as seclusions which is the state of being private and keeping away from people. Ukeru is a Japanese word for receive, and it is a safe, comforting, crisis management technique developed by and for behavioral health caregivers and educators. This gives us the opportunity to allow our students to receive the emotional support that they may need in order to set them up for success. They use this method to imply to their everyday lives and thrive on what they have to give. In order to keep our students excited about learning we also do a lot of hands-on activities that allow them to take action and be a part of what we have to offer. This keeps them excited to learn!

The amount of care and thought that our staff here at Special Education School PA gives to the students allows their students to have the willingness to keep growing and learning and love to come to school. The staff here are very friendly and love that they are able to not only be teachers and educate their students but also teach them that emotional part that comes with growing up. The fact that teachers love what they are doing because they are not only teaching their students about all the educational purposes that they do in other schools but they are also providing them with emotional support and education that will help them develop skills for real-life situations in the outside world.

This is a great school for those children who need extra support in not just their academic needs but also their emotional support habits as well. Students who used to hate going to school and thought learning and school were a joke are now thrilled to show up for school and interact with all of the hands-on activities that we have to offer. This is what makes us the best option for you and your student’s needs! We won’t stop at giving them the best education but instead offer the skills to develop their emotions the way they need.

If you have a child that can greatly benefit from our school and the mission we have to offer you you can give us a call for any further questions at 844-539-3366. Or you can also look us up online on our website at https://keystonefreedomacademy.org/

Special Education School Pa | Tutoring

Special Education School PA offers Tutoring sessions at our school for those students who need an extra push in their education. The program we use for tutoring is called Gideon. Gideon is a great effective way to give your child the extra learning push that they may need. The method that they use uses pen and paper, this ensures less screen time which they feel is better for everyone, and writing by hand creates better memorization. Their system also gives you structure so that it is easy to use and follow. All of their booklets are sequences in a step-by-step layout with mastery standards. It also gives you the ability to gain real academic progress.

Offering your student extra tutoring opportunities through our Gideon program with Special Education School PA allows your child to learn as young as the age of four. Children can start learning to read and do basic math around age four and up. It also helps By reducing homework stress by solidifying the foundation and filling in any holes and gaps. it also allows your child to set a comfortable place and allows your child to progress through the step-by-step curriculum at his or her own pace this allows your child to get completed before other students if that is within their ability. It also allows you to master be on grade level allowing your child to work at their own pace without any pressure of grades your student can tackle New Concepts not yet learned in school.

We want to ensure your students have the ability to follow four steps of learning through Special Education School PA the first step is finding a comfortable starting point. Often times things can be too easy or too hard for your child thus allowing the opportunity to give up to be easier. The second step is a step-by-step curriculum, this allows the child to master one thing at a time and move up as they continue to master it. The third step is center visits 2x a week and homework for the other days. And the final step is confidence through mastery. These are the steps that take you from “ I do not know.” or “I’m not sure” to ill try again, to “ I know it now!” we strive for your student’s success and want to ensure a great education process and a well throughout the process in order to ensure great success.

The tutoring program that they offer here is a great way to continue to grow and strive for greatness at your own pace. This is a great learning opportunity and has helped many students fall back into place at their academic level of learning and in some cases allowed them to advance even further than that! This is why not only our students but our staff as well love what we do here at our facility and all the learning opportunities that we have to offer you. Let us play a part in furthering your education!

If you are ready to take advantage of the amazing opportunities that we have to offer here at our school feel free to give us a call to enroll today or if you just have any further questions we can answer for you feel free to give us a call at 844-539-3366. You can also find us online on our website at https://keystonefreedomacademy.org/