Keystone Freedom Academy is currently accepting new students in grades five through twelve up to 21 years of age. We are continuing admissions through the 2023-24 school year as space permits and seeking new 2024-25 enrollees. If you have any questions about enrolling, the status of your application, or the school in general, please feel free to contact us at contact@keystonefreedomacademy.org.

Students at Keystone Freedom Academy are often supported AT LITTLE OR NO COST. Our administration team works directly with each family and the school district and/or attorneys to best support each student.

In order to expedite the application process, please obtain a copy of the student’s IEP and behavior support plan as well as any evaluations (private or through your school district) that are on file. We review all education paperwork within 24 hours of receipt and will notify applicants of educational placement acceptance within 48 hours. Please send all special education paperwork to: ecriscuolo@keystonefreedomacademy.org

With our school location centrally located in Eastern PA, students in numerous locations can take advantage of our individualized programing to meet their specific learning needs. Our schools are located in Bucks County providing access for students currently attending school in the surrounding districts and counties to enroll. We support students from Lehigh, Chester, Montgomery, Bucks, Delaware, Philadelphia, Northampton and Lancaster Counties. Additionally, students in Delaware, Maryland, and New Jersey also have access to attend one of our campuses. We are also looking to open a third campus in Delaware County to provide closer access to our neighboring states and local students. Furthermore, transportation is provided by the sending or home school district so parents do not have to provide or transport their child to school if enrolled in Keystone Freedom Academy.



We offer the lowest tuition cost of any other special education private school within the sending geographics. Furthermore, we charge tuition daily rather than annually. We do not want to burden our sending school districts, or parents with costs to educate a child who may need to attend another facility. If tuition is paid for the year or quarter we will refund tuition should the student be disenrolled. Most customers pay monthly and are billed in time to pay tuition cost by the first of each month they attend. Currently, we have rates that work for everyone and every situation. We encourage you to ask the staff about our scholarship options!

In keeping with our commitment to support our students, we invest our resources back into our programs to provide your child with the best experiences to meet their academic, social, emotional, and environmental needs. Furthermore, tuition cost is something we will work one-on-one with to make sure we provide you with the best and most cost-effective education for your child and family.

Our goal is to provide not only the most affordable education and resources to families just like you, but also to continue giving back to the kids around us every day. We encourage and offer opportunities for our students to volunteer for various organizations such as Meals on Wheels or to make products for others in need. Furthermore, we provide our students with hands-on learning, teaching sustainability from growing food, to learning skills with building and sewing products.

Admissions Criteria:


At Keystone Freedom Academy, our mission is simple: to bring freedom to learning for students who struggle with traditional education due to social, emotional, and behavioral needs. Keystone Freedom Academy sees the potential in all students. We understand each student’s unique needs and respect their dignity. This is why we are passionate about using revolutionary hands-off de-escalation methods and not employing restraints in our school. We seek to help students Find Freedom Today and to Create Opportunities for Tomorrow.

We support students in Grades five through twelve and up to 21 years of age. Although most of our students have an emotional support need, others are here for making undesirable choices that led to being temporarily removed from their home school. With our built in social/emotional class period we are able to help these students and all others work through developing strategies to assist them in better decision making. Additionally, we offer students the option of making up lost credits in order to be eligible to graduate with their cohort of students.

We are available and flexible to provide a variety of services to all students who need a little extra support to learn strategies for successfully graduating and moving on to a technical school, college or university, military, or work. Our students work with local businesses to learn skills for employment or to just get an introduction to a career field of interest. This opportunity is important for our juniors and seniors to determine what avenue they want to explore upon graduation. Students who are working through an advanced track also have the opportunity to participate in dual enrollment courses through local community colleges.

Since rigorous academics is such a high priority at Keystone Freedom Academy; we are unable to support students who have a primary disability of Autism and/or an Intellectual Disability. Some of our students do have a secondary disability of Autism and can be supported if the primary need is for Emotional Support. We meet with each student for an intake meeting to discuss their needs and what they want to achieve as their end goal by attending Keystone Freedom Academy. If after meeting and reviewing all paperwork we believe we can successfully support the student we will offer acceptance. Students who do not get accepted are those we believe other out of district placements could better support with greater outcomes. We do not want to accept a student who we cannot help succeed and waste their precious learning time.