At Keystone Freedom Academy we are committed to giving your student the most UNSpecial Education School PA experience you can possibly find in the Greater Philadelphia area. our teachers and staff work hard everyday to construct a curriculum that best fits your child’s learning needs. they will utilize a number of strategies to achieve a strong grasp on the core courses. they will utilize things such as visual strategies, shaping thought processes, prompting, and it reinforcement slash encouragement, among many other special techniques. each student will receive their own modified and personalized curriculum to fit their rate of learning and consumption of knowledge.

Keystone Freedom Academy takes great pride in our challenging academics as we believe that every child no matter whether they have a disability or not, deserves the opportunity to be challenged to the extent of their abilities. students will participate in standard courses such as mathematics, social studies, English language arts, science, and much more. across these courses there will be a strong implementation of community-based learning, where students will work together to achieve a common goal. speaking of goals students will be encouraged to set their own individual goals and encouraged to work towards them over an extensive. of time. Having your child attend Special Education School PA does not mean your student has to sacrifice their core education to gain a personalized experience the way Keystone can offer.

Special Education School PA is not meant to be a daycare where students don’t learn anything, and that is exactly what Keystone Freedom Academy is not. this Academy, Beyond putting a heavy emphasis on core academics and classes, encourages students to greatly improve their social skills and adaptability to different kinds of situations. on top of this, students are pushed to increase their appropriate behaviors to allow them to better interact with people later on in their adult life. students are given the opportunity to develop their career skills as well as their life skills by being put in real life type situations to enable them to adapt the way they would if they were an adult in the real world. although the goal at an educational institute is to give your student a challenging academic experience, we also want to set them up for Success later.

one thing that is common across all of our academic classes, and any other elective courses that students may be partaking in, is our community-based instruction. this goes back to our heavy emphasis on improving social skills and adaptability. by being put in group situations, students are forced to socialize and interact with others and work to achieve a common goal together.

if there are any more questions you may have about our programs or Keystone Freedom Academy as a whole, feel free to give us a call at 844-539-3366 as we are happy to answer any questions you may have. also check out our website at

Special Education School PA| A Unique Curriculum

The reason parents look to put their children in Special Education School PA is so their students can get a personalized education experience and not be an outcast in a typical Educational institute. because of this, these special education institutes often sacrifice academic rigor for accommodation for disabilities, and hopes that it’s not too hard for the kids. although this is important, it is also our mission to find the dividing line between pushing students to their limits, as well as accommodating their disabilities. at Keystone Freedom Academy our teachers and staff work every day to find that dividing line and construct a curriculum that is right for your kid specifically.

Keystone Freedom Academy is an extremely unique Special Education School PA that Prides itself on pushing its students to better themselves in a number of ways including developing core academic knowledge, bettering social skills and adaptability, improving behavioral skills, developing career and life skills that will set students up for successful lives later on. these career and life skills are learned through our teachers and staff putting students in real life situational scenarios on a reoccurring basis.

back to the specialized education experience students and parents expect at a Special Education School PA, teachers and staff work hard every single day to personalize and enhance the experience your child has when attending Keystone freedom academy. teachers will utilize different strategies to help modify a student’s curriculum so they can better acquire content knowledge. teachers will often use strategies such as reinforcement, prompting, shaping the way a student is thinking, too many other different techniques. one thing that is common across all courses, is the community based instruction, as it drastically pushes students to improve their social skills by interacting with their peers and working to achieve a goal that they have set as a group.

back to the academic courses in the core content, students will participate in classes such as English language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and social and emotional learning classes. English language arts at Keystone Freedom Academy uses a unique program called study sync Allows students to access easy to use resources and is available to grade 6 through 12. mathematics uses a program called reveal math that is built on the foundations of productive struggles, Rich tasks, mathematical discourse, and Collaborative Learning. signs and history both use mcgraw-hills online and real textbook resources, as they are a great source of content knowledge and are easy to use for all kinds of students. creating an environment where students can use their own resources that are at their disposal, poses as a real life preparation because in the real world people are able to use their resources to their advantage.

if there are any more questions regarding the information in the above paragraphs, never hesitate to reach out to us and our staff at 844-539-3366 so we can answer those questions and get you started in the enrollment process at Keystone freedom academy. also head on over to our website for more details at .