Keystone Freedom Academy is one of the best private education academies for students who may be struggling in certain areas such as behavioral, and communication, or suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and searching for Special Education School PA. Our Academy Works directly with each family and student to provide the best curriculum possible that’s going to include behavioral support within the curriculum. This is definitely a huge difference between our economy and other claims to provide special education. On top of this, we are going to make sure that whatever plan you choose for your student in grades 5 through 12+ It’s going to be affordable amongst everything else for you and your family.

As amazing as we make our education and curriculum sound here at Keystone Freedom Academy, we do understand how complex and overwhelming it can be when enrolling your student in a Special Education School PA! We know you may be concerned about the types of documents you have to provide, the link in the application process, as well as the end result that will occur if your child completes their plan. which is why we are going to go ahead and explain to you the exact process for applying, enrolling, and succeeding here at our academy.

For the breeziest application process, if you do want to attend Keystone Freedom Academy for a Special Education School PA, you are going to want to go ahead and obtain a copy of your child’s IEP as well as their behavior support plan. Any evaluations either private or through your school district that are on file are also welcome to be brought up into the application process. Once you have submitted the previously mentioned paperwork to our enrollment specialist then we will go ahead and review that within 24 hours and we’re going to notify you of your acceptance As well as your students’ placement.

We want to go ahead and make sure that you understand a few important factors such as our location and transportation services. If your student currently attends one of the following counties we are more than happy to welcome them into our school; Lehigh, Chester, Montgomery, Bucks, Delaware, Philadelphia, Northampton and Lancaster Counties. However we are continuously trying to expand our operation so students who are located in Delaware Maryland New Jersey can also attend one of your districts.

If we have in fact interested you and are an amazing Academy then go ahead and give us a call at any time to speak with an enrollment specialist at 844-539-3366. It’s also good to know that there is tons of helpful information about the type of curriculum we offer, services we provided, as well as the application process on our website you really shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to provide your student with the best education that they’re able to receive in order to support their needs.

Special Education School PA | What Do We Teach?

Oftentimes the number one question if you are considering sending your child to Special Education School PA is; what type of curriculum is offered? This is an absolutely great question and we are more than happy to explain the Amazingly unique curriculum that we offer here at Keystone freedom academy. Our curriculum is both educational but also seamlessly blended with behavioral support that is oftentimes lacking within the educational system. Curriculum of other private schools. Yes, this is correct, we provide behavior support tied in with our amazingly accredited educational curriculum. This means you don’t have to fear being left Behind due to not having the required credits for Their school career.

Keystone Freedom Academy is the top leading Special Education School PA offers in both nothing but complete freedom for students who attend. This means that your student is going to have the opportunity to learn at their own pace, with whatever materials that may be, at whatever area of study. On top of the basic educational curriculum that your students will be receiving just as they would any other schools, we are going to go ahead and provide them with abilities to pursue a technical career, On job training, and so much more. We do this because we want your student to be able to have the best opportunity to continue to provide outside of our private academy.

All of the resources that we Implement within our curriculum have been researched and guaranteed for best practice, alignment, as well as similarity to other districts Special Education School PA. This means we utilize things such as programs that have been proven to be effective for those two needs to find standards and clarity. With this, we want to make sure you know that we’re going to offer education and science, math, English, engineering, technology and so much more. Some of the areas of Education that we provide are actually lacking in other public or private settings.

Lastly, our leadership and instructional staff have been specifically chosen based on their professional development and their continued history that is more than impressive and Paving the way for special education. These staff are able to implement specific lessons for your students’ needs and the best hands on care and support that they need. In other words, these teachers are more than educated in the fact that for their students to succeed they must be engaged in certain programs that provide enhancing Resources and extra materials in order to assist them in their learning.

Hopefully you have decided that our Academy is going to be the best one for your students’ private special education. If so , go ahead and give us a call at 844-539-3366! To learn a little bit more about our curriculum, our locations of service, among many other things in regards to our education system then go ahead and check out our website While you are there you should check out some amazing testimonials from some of our previous parents and their students who have attended our academy that we have made.