Keystone Freedom Academy is a Special Education School PA that has partnered with McMillan McGraw-Hill to provide a unique curriculum for A group of unique students. Teachers and staff are working hard to put together lesson plans and build a curriculum that best fits every student’s individual needs and allows for them to grow as students. they regularly engage in Hands-On projects as well as online resources as they journey through their studies in English language arts, math, science, history, social emotional curriculum, and Beyond.

As one of the best Special Education School PA, the school incorporates opportunities for students to learn Real World skills in a stem heavy environment. there are also being challenged to grow their social and emotional skills.Students are encouraged to learn and grow every day and are academically challenged by their teachers and administrators while also still having their needs met based on potential disabilities. the goal is to get them to a point where they can learn in an environment where not all students are disabled.

the main focus of the instructional programming at Special Education School PA is to develop a core knowledge in main academic courses such as math, language arts, history, and more. they are also pushed to improve social skills and be able to adjust and adapt to unique situations. they are encouraged to increase appropriate behaviors and develop work skills that can be an asset to them in the real Adult World later on in life. this style of instruction is a community-based one as everyone is encouraged to learn and grow together and it is a very heavy social environment as social skills is a big touch point in the curriculum here at Keystone Freedom Academy in Philadelphia pennsylvania.

the students at this Academy participate in courses that are designed to give them a general education in basic courses Well having a modified curriculum that fits their individual needs. because of this the curriculum involves use of unique and specialized strategies to engage the students and encourage them to learn. there is heavy use of visual strategies to help a company course content and help them really grasp the knowledge they are being given. there’s a large number of new skills every day that are being learned by these amazing kids through reinforcement, prompting, shaping and other special techniques to help every student learn and grow as much as they possibly can.

if you have any questions regarding the information above, never hesitate to reach out to our staff to find out more about what we are about at Keystone Freedom Academy and so we can answer some of your questions. here is our phone number: 844-539-3366. also feel free to check out our website with lots of great information about our staff, our curriculum, and testimonies to our service to the students and parents of Keystone Freedom Academy.

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Being such a unique Special Education School PA, Keystone Freedom Academy has a number of unique ways in engaging the students of this amazing School and pushing them to learn and grow as people every single day. the students will be challenged in standard courses such as math comment english, social studies, science, and especially social and emotional curriculum. the academy has teamed up with numerous different programs to achieve this challenging curriculum to also help accommodate each student’s individual needs.

At this Special Education School PA, students will engage in real life Hands-On projects with other students, as well as online resources to help enhance their learning experience here at Keystone freedom academy. our teachers and staff have made it a goal to engage the students to the best of their ability on a daily basis through a number of different specialized strategies. They Learn these skills through the use of reinforcement, shaping, prompting and a number of different kinds of techniques to ensure that each student’s needs are being met and they are learning to the best of their Abilities.

At Keystone Freedom Academy students are being taught new skills every day, especially real life skills that can help them support themselves in the real world someday. This Special Education School PA has made it their mission to educate each students that they can eventually Excel in society and leave with heightened social and emotional skills like never before. Students will be encouraged to set goals and objectives and will be assisted in their pursuit of these goals as the teacher and staff greatly care for each and every student. the end goal is to Put these young kids in a place where they can get employed in the future.

Keystone Freedom Academy implements a large amount of community-based learning where students will be interacting and working together to achieve their goals and complete assignments and objectives. they are encouraged to develop career and work skills to prepare for adult life. On top of developing core academic knowledge to an extremely high level, they will also improve their social skills and learn life skills and work skills or later on as well as important social skills and encourage appropriate behavior all the time. Students are expected to know and perform as a result of being taught. it has a challenging environment while still making it a key point To meet every student’s individual needs and prepare them to interact with anyone and everyone in the real world. We Care deeply about our students here that we have.

If any questions regarding our school, do not hesitate to reach out to our staff at this phone number: 844-539-3366. we are always happy to Answer questions and talk to parents and let them know a little more about us over here at Keystone Freedom Academy and give them more information in details on our school. you can also Head on over and check out our website for moreGreat information and details on everything discussed above at We look forward to seeing you soon.