Since we are known for having the best and most advanced Special Education School PA, we believe in providing an educational experience conducive to learning even when you have a special educational need. We specialize in surveying students with social-emotional, mental, or physical needs. . We believe in finding Freedom today and creating opportunities for tomorrow. We do have limited spots available! We have partnered with McGraw-Hill among others to provide the absolute best learning resources available.

All of the staff and students of Special Education School PA believe that we offer many benefits to students and families. Some of these include our student-to-teacher ratio of just six to eight. We provide an annual or daily tuition that is Affordable and accessible. We do not believe in physical restraints as students. We use community-based work opportunities. We have an extensive network of outside mental health partnerships. We also believe in building a community that feels like family. Keystone Freedom Academy is for all students no matter if they face social comment emotional or behavioral challenges but they will be able to find Freedom within their education that creates opportunities to last a lifetime.

Our unique Special Education School PA believes in creating opportunities for tomorrow for every student. We offer freedom to access education with an opportunity to grow and be productive members of society. The difference between Keystone Freedom Academy and others is that we are a private Academy that uses trauma-informed care and other research-based strategies to support all of our student’s special education needs. We offer Advanced academics that prepare students to return to their homeschool or for post-secondary education.

The other differences are that we are a private special education day school, and we believe in working as a team with sending schools and districts to ensure the success of every student. We offer a one-to-one technology ratio. We help establish credit recovery and offer individual and group counseling among many other differences between us and another private academy. We believe and success for every single student in their family. We want to help your student return to the public school system within 2 to 3 years. That is our goal and our promise to you and your student.

We would love to speak with you today and address any concerns or answer any questions that you may have. You can speak to one of our knowledgeable admissions staff by calling 844-539-3366. You can also check out our website at and learn more about all of the services and academics that we offer. While you’re there you can read and listen to previous students and their family testimonials. We know that you will be satisfied with the education that your student receives with us. We always strive to serve our students in their families to the best of our ability. We are always providing ongoing education for all of our instructors and Administration staff. We are passionate about what we do.

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Our amazing Special Education School PA is looking forward to serving you and your student and all of their special education needs. The difference between us here at Keystone Freedom Academy and others is that we offer a rigorous academic curriculum that is aligned with local school districts’ curricula. We believe in working as a team with the sending schools and districts to ensure the success of every student. We will do our part and help to recover any lost credits that your student may have suffered due to their special education needs. We at Keystone Freedom Academy or future-focused. This means that we believe in helping students find post-secondary paths.

Since we are currently the best Special Education School PA we believe in implementing research-based intervention programs. We believe this helps students overcome obstacles that have previously held them back or prevented them from achieving their Optimum success. We want to work with the student and the parent along with the instructor to help determine goals that we believe the student can reach. We will always push the student to achieve their highest ability. We intend to prepare students to be able to return to their Public School Systems within two to three years.

All of our instructors and Administration staff here at Special Education School PA Keystone Freedom Academy believe that every student should have the opportunity to succeed and become all they can be we believe and success today and preparing for a bright future tomorrow. We Believe in becoming a lifelong learner therefore we have partnered with McGraw-Hill to help Implement a full academic curriculum that provides the best virtual and print curriculum possible. We have instructional goals, specific objectives, and materials that are aligned to meet Pennsylvania core standards.

We believe that social and emotional strategies that are taught to students will help them in their behavioral approach when teaching K through 12. We believe in teaching age-appropriate social skills and competencies. I’m doing this we help them build their problem-solving and decision-making skills. We believe in allowing our teachers and instructional staff the ability to design and Implement lessons that best meet their student’s needs. We are passionate about providing the best possible education to every one of our students. We know that you and your student will be successful within our program. We understand that it takes the parents in addition to the student’s drive and the instructors to make sure the students are successful.

To learn more about the services that we provide or to speak to an admissions counselor you can call 844-539-3366 today and we would love to speak with you. You can visit us on our website at to learn even more about all of the services that we can provide to you and your student. We want to help equip you and your student with what is needed to be successful. We want your student to be successful in school and for the rest of their life. We believe and providing them with skills that will carry them throughout their academic career and their actual career.