Special Education School PA| Experience Something Special

At Keystone Freedom Academy we are able to offer your student and you as well a very unique experience that no other Special Education School PA can. at our Academy we strive to challenge your student and encourage them to set goals and objectives and take the necessary steps to reach these goals. we push them to excel academically, and more importantly socially. Beyond learning Core Curriculum classes, they will learn real life social skills and work skills that will translate later on, allowing them to support themselves in the adult world.

something very unique to our Special Education School PA is our heavy emphasis on community based instruction. this encourages the students to learn and interact with each other as they would in a work setting later on. this forces the students to improve their social skills as well as their team work skills. as every human on earth is unique in their own way, so is every student at our amazing academy. the teachers and staff work hard everyday to make a personalized learning experience for each and every student. based on their learning speed they will have a modified curriculum to best fit their way of learning. teachers often implement the use of specialized strategies to best help their students learn. these can include but are not limited to shaping, reinforcement, prompting, among others.

Most Special Education School PA have a Core curriculum, just like we do, but the personalization and pushing the students to grow and do their best is what makes Keystone Freedom Academy so unique compared to other institutions. at Keystone students will learn English language arts, science, history, as well as mathematics. these different classes will utilize different programs to enhance the learning experience and help each student learn in their own individual way. one that is common amongst these core classes is going to be visual learning as it often helps assist the consumption of knowledge in these courses.

English language arts uses a program called study sync that is an online tool available to grade 6 through 12 and is very easy to use. the mathematics Department often utilizes a program called reveal math and is a program based on the foundations of productive struggling, growth mindset, and Target based learning. science and History will both utilize McGraw-Hill as they create quality online and real life textbook content for students to utilize when studying and learning. and all of these courses the students will be pushed to not only learn the content, but given real life situations and where they can utilize these skills to benefit them later on. with this they will be able to support themselves as adults, which is the end goal.

if there are any further questions regarding the information above, please give our staff over at Keystone freedom at 844-539-3366. also go check out our website at https://keystonefreedomacademy.org/ .

Special Education School PA| Helping Your Student Grow

Navigating the realm of Special Education School PA Kenna always be tough as a parent with a unique child with an underlying disability. you always want to make sure that your child is getting a good education, but you are also trying to make sure that it is not too hard so they can be accommodated for their disabilities and aren’t being singled out in a standard School situation. often parents end up settling for the equivalent of a daycare. at Keystone Freedom Academy we are none of the above, except a good education, and much much more. at Keystone we pride ourselves on creating an individualized experience for each and every student, as everyone is unique.

as we said earlier, we do put a heavy emphasis on a good education, meaning core classes that you would take at any other school. with that being said, every student will have their own personalized curriculum that is modified to fit their learning ability and enhance their experience to the fullest. our teachers and staff work hard every day to create a curriculum that can accommodate the uniqueness of the student body at Keystone freedom academy. when looking for a Special Education School PA you never want to sacrifice academics for accommodation. at keystone, you do not have to.

Students at our Special Education School PA will receive a general education in courses such as social studies, mathematics, English language arts, and science. teachers will use different techniques to help your student really grasp the content knowledge. these techniques range from prompting the student, shaping the students thought process, as well as reinforcement and encouragement. one thing that is common across all classes is the emphasis on community based learning as improving social skills and adaptability is one of the many things that are unique about Keystone freedom academy. Students are also given lots of visual instruction, as it often helps with the acquisition of knowledge during the duration of a course. our biggest thing at Keystone Freedom Academy is creating a personalized experience for your students that they can best grow in all aspects ranging from social skills, academic skills, and finally career and life skills.

Beyond The Core Curriculum classes and the social Improvement aspects, Keystone puts a heavy emphasis on developing career skills that will translate to a productive adult life. Keystone Freedom Academy utilizes a number of Scenarios to impersonate real life situations that may occur later on. students are also encouraged to improve their behavioral skills to be appropriate in the adult world.

if you are seeking more information and details on Keystone Freedom Academy and what we are about, give us a call at 844-539-3366, or go check out our website at https://keystonefreedomacademy.org/. our website can provide lots of great information on the uniqueness of our programs as well as how are teachers and staff go about educating your student to prepare them for a successful life in the modern world. we wish you the best of luck in searching for the right Institution, and we would love to have you here at Keystone freedom academy.