The focus at a Top Special Education School PA should not only be to provide your student with a strong core academic foundation, but also to build and develop skills that they will use far beyond the classroom and long into their future. these skills range from their social skills, adaptability, behavioral skills, work skills, life skills and many many more. at Keystone Freedom Academy we can offer you and your student all of this and much much more. our teachers and staff strive to build a personalized curriculum that will best suit your students needs and set them up for success as they Journey into adult life well beyond the 12th grade.

if you are wondering how a Top Special Education School PA goes about providing a individualized curriculum for each and every student, Keystone Freedom Academy is here to answer that question for you. every teacher uses a plethora of skills to help students in their acquisition of content knowledge ranging from the use of reinforcement, shaping, prompting, among many other specialized techniques. our students will be given the opportunity to develop life and work skills in a number of real life settings and scenarios.

as the Top Special Education School PA , as stated earlier Keystone Freedom Academy will give students a number of different scenarios in where they are forced to develop their career and life skills that will be very important as they look for jobs in Journey along through adulthood. Beyond growing it there career and life skills they will also improve their social skills through our emphasis on community-based learning. that is something that is very unique to us here at Keystone and we find it very important to place your child in an environment where they have to socialize and interact with others in pursuit of a common goal or to complete a project they are working on together.

when it comes to our strong academic foundation, it is like no other in the Greater Philadelphia area. we will put your student, along with everyone else through our standard core classes that include mathematics, social studies, English language arts, science, and many more that include classes such as social emotional learning. in each class different programs will be utilized to enhance learning experience and provide resources for the students to better themselves and improve their skills. the English language arts department uses a program called studysync that allows students in grade 6 through 12 to access resources to Aid them in their reading and writing. the mathematics Department uses reveal math which is based on the foundations of productive struggles, Rich tasks, mathematical discourse, growth mindset, and much much more. the science and history departments will both use McGraw Hills amazing online interactive resources, as well as They’re in person Hands-On resources.
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When it comes to searching for the Top Special Education School PA Harrison students alike are always looking for the best. at Keystone pretty Academy we can assure you of nothing less than the best. we pride ourselves on our excellent academic rigor, as well as the opportunities we provide our students to improve their social skills, as well as their life and work skills that will benefit them greatly as they embark on a journey beyond the classroom and into adulthood. our teachers and staff work everyday to provide a unique curriculum for each and every student as we realize everyone has their own unique needs and disabilities.

some of the classes we offer here range from, but are not limited to mathematics, social studies, English language arts, science, social and emotional learning, and many other options as well. something that is important at a Top Special Education School PA is a diversity in what we offer. within our classes we utilize programs that will enhance the learning experience for students and ate them in their Journey in their Improvement of skills and their acquisition of knowledge. our Science and History Apartments both use McGraw Hills online and in person resources to allow students to better find study material as well as gain information. our mathematics Department uses reveal math which is a program built on the foundations of productive struggles, mathematical discourse, collaborative learning, and many others. our language arts department utilizes study sync which is a digital English language arts program available to grades 6 to 12 and implements easy to use reading and writing tools there at the disposal of our students at any time.

at a Top Special Education School PA like Keystone freedom academy, one of our main goals is to provide students with a unique and personalized educational experience as every student is unique and has their own learning style. our teachers use a number of different strategies to achieve this ranging from a reinforcement, shaping a student’s thought process, prompting students to continue improvement, among other different techniques as well. something common across most classes, is teachers will utilize visual aids to help students learn and retain knowledge and content in their core classes as well as any other courses they are enrolled in.

at Keystone Freedom Academy we pride ourselves on providing opportunities for our students to improve a slew of different skills ranging from their social skills and adaptability, to their behavioral skills, all the way to their career and life skills as well. to do this our teachers and staff often Implement community-based instruction which Encourage students to work together in pursuit of a common goal. students are also encouraged to set their own goals and objectives and take the necessary steps to achieve those every single day as they work towards getting a job in the real world.

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