Top Special Education School PA here at Keystone Freedom Academy believes in finding freedom and education today. We believe in creating opportunities for tomorrow. We have scholarship opportunities that will work for every budget. But there are limited spots! Peroxide there are many benefits in using Keystone Freedom Academy. These include we have a low student-to-teacher ratio of just six to one. We provide a college readiness program. We believe in building a community that feels just like family and so many other benefits. Our mission is to guide students in Buffet’s social, emotional, and behavioral challenges to find the freedom they deserve!

Top Special Education School PA offers students the freedom to access education and opportunities to grow in a more productive environment. We believe in creating opportunities for tomorrow and finding freedom today! We believe in becoming lifelong learners. We have partnered with McMillan McGraw-Hill to implement an academic curriculum that will provide virtual and print option services. We provide a common core standard to provide the framework to reach goals and access resources at every grade level.

Top Special Education School PA is currently accepting new students from the 5th grade through 12th grade up to the age of 21 years old. We are seeking new enrollees and would love to answer any questions that you may have. We offer two School locations that are centrally located in Eastern Pennsylvania. We offer students many locations so that they can take advantage of our individualized programming. We strive to provide a learning environment that will accommodate the uniqueness of every student. We support students and several different counties such as bucks, Chester, Lancaster, and several others.

We offer the absolute lowest tuition cost of any other special education private school around. We charge tuition daily rather than annually. We do this so as not to burden our other school districts or parents with a cough to educate a child who would benefit greatly from the services that we provide although tuition is paid on it daily basis they’re a silly option to pay annually. Our goal is to provide affordable education and resources to every family that would be interested in the education that we provide.

We want to hear from you today and answer any questions or concerns that you may have. You can reach out to us by calling 844-539-3366 you can also find out about all of the other services that we provide by visiting our website at we know that we can provide you with an exceptional education experience and help your child reach their highest potential. Education is our passion and our students and their families are our number one priority. We want to provide an experience that you and your student will not find anywhere else when it comes to their education.

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Top Special Education School PA Keystone Freedom Academy is a special education Academy serving several different counties in the state of Pennsylvania. We are a private education school system that offers an education that is Affordable to everyone. Although we do have the option to pay for tuition annually we typically charge by the day. This helps to make it more affordable for our families and our surrounding school systems. We are currently enrolling for the 5th through 12th grades, up to the age of 21. We would love to visit with you to find out if the education that we offer is the right fit for you.

Top Special Education School PA students are often supported at little or no cost. We work directly with each family and School District to best support each student. We do provide transportation so parents will not have to worry about transporting their children if they are enrolled at Keystone freedom academy. Our goal is to not only provide the most affordable education but to also make available to our students and families all of the resources they may need to be successful in their education careers.

When you are ready to start the admission process at Top Special Education School PA then we promise to make it as simple as possible. Our goal is to provide a learning environment for students who struggle with traditional education due to social, emotional, and Behavioral needs. We provide a variety of services to all students. After we meet and fill out all of the necessary paperwork and we believe that I can successfully support your student then we will offer the letter of acceptance. If your student is not accepted then this would be because we believe that we would not be the best possible placement for your student.

All of our skilled Administration here at Keystone Freedom Academy believe in working together to provide an amazing private school experience for you and your student. We believe that there is a better way to help students learn to figure out who they are and how they learn. We have created a system that provides students with a safe environment to learn and make mistakes and have choices, use their voices, and experiment while they learn. We believe all of these things help provide an environment that is conducive to learning. We are a family of Educators who strive every day to provide a support system for all of our students in which they would be able to succeed.

If you would like more information on services that we can provide to your student or if you were looking for ways that you can get involved you can call us at 844-539-3366 we would also love for you to visit our website at to learn more about us and everything that we are involved in. We believe in supporting our students and families from the beginning to the very end. When you enroll at Keystone treating Academy you can expect transparency and timeliness. We are here for you and your student! We would absolutely love it if you gave our school a call today so we can get your child enrolled in our amazing programs! We can not wait to hear from you.