Keystone Freedom Academy is one of the Top Special Education School PA to offer and we are definitely one of the highest rated and most reviewed special education facilities that you can find. We continue to strive to provide some of the best education possible for students who have unique areas of struggle and need enhanced education. In order for us to do this we need to have a great team of Faculty here at the facility including our amazing special education teachers. All of our teachers are what make our facility the most amazing special education facility you can find nearby. This means that we have to hire the best education teachers that we can find to have beliefs that align with ours regarding the student’s abilities and needs.

Now as an individual you may be wondering exactly where our team is going to be the one that you should join. This is an absolutely fair question which is why I’m going to go ahead and explain to you the benefits that are going to come along with your job working at a Top Special Education School PA! Of the amazing opportunities you will be provided here at our facility if you choose to work here it’s going to be a competitive salary, paid medical leave, a simple ira, team environment, and life insurance. These are all several amazing opportunities that you will be given if you choose to work here both part-time and full-time as well as paid vacation and Holiday days.

If we still have you interested in joining our team and becoming an amazing special education teacher for a Top Special Education School PA then go ahead and stick around to listen to exactly what your job functions will be. you’d be surprised to learn that some may differ from a typical educational system job as we specifically deal with special education children on a day-to-day basis. so unlike a public school we are going to be able to provide more of a one-on-one tailored experience. Your functions are going to include the ability to assess a student’s progress and in turn determine their next goal list, the ability to develop and Implement these individualized education programs, as well as be able to coordinate events and primary contact with parents.

We require that you have at least a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in teaching from an accredited institution and the appropriate special education field as well as retain a current teaching license in the state of pennsylvania. a constant state of gathering knowledge to enhance the best practices and procedures for special education.

to review more of the requirements, skill set, and knowledge that we require in order to be employed at our facilities you can review the special education teachers position on our website at Keystone Freedom! If you do feel that our company could be a good fit for you and your special education career then you should definitely give us a call at 844-539-3366!

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Our facility most certainly is one of the Top Special Education School PAs that has to offer because of the colorful stuff that we love to hire. The staff is definitely knowledgeable in the setting of special education and is passionate about the health we provide. We know that we could be where we are without the help of our amazing staff and even aside from our teachers. This is why we go ahead and offer amazing benefits for those who are part-time and full-time with us as well ranging from Life insurance, Health insurance, paid leave and so much more. Here from you is a standard education depending on the title you are aiming for as well as a possible for helping students.

For most private Academies that help with special education we hire personal care assistance which are specifically in the staff supporting the Department of a Top Special Education School PA. This means that you will help assist students one-on-one with the teacher being the person Who’s going to provide you directors with the best assistance with students. alongside this you will be under supervision of the program supervisor of special education. There are many different essential functions but it is best to know that you are going to specifically be one on one with students unlike the teachers.

this means that you will be assisting in certain functions such as Material Handling for the student, instructional Behavioral or physical assistance, implementing and maintaining specific crisis plans, as well as retaining appropriate documentation for their daily behaviors and or reports.These are all very commonly seen at Top Special Education School PA And believe it or not all we require from you is a bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience in addition to any affirmation skill sets that are required by state or national regulations. You’re an integral part of the special education we provide here.

Along with this we just request that you have a basic understanding of how to follow directions, have reasons, skills, empathy, mathematical skills, just standard things that would be required of a tutor or teacher’s assistant. However, for the physical requirement it is good to know that you must be able to successfully perform the essential functions of this job which does include the ability to assist those with disabilities even physically.

Start the process for joining our team today so go ahead and view our current positions available as well as the essential functions that come along with them. if you have in fact found a position that looks like it would work for you then you are more than welcome to go ahead and apply on our website at or it is more than welcome to give us a call and discuss any inquiries you may have at 844-539-3366. Either way we want to make sure that you are going to be given the best opportunity of employment. Justice our students are giving the best opportunity for education.