Top Special Education School PA Doesn’t just stop 12th grade we give you the opportunity to help you learn up to 21 years of age. In order to open up the eyes of the community around us we offer education from grades 5th up to 21 years of age. We want to help your children and your adult self gather not only information on the academics but learn how to control your emotions and eternally as we believe your emotions have a lot to do with how you learn. if you allow your emotions to get in the way of how you feel at the moment you will not be able to have the ability to learn and take in information. That is why at our school we offer a social-emotional curriculum as well as many other of the normal curriculums that they teach at a regular school.

If you were looking for the Top Special Education School PA look no further because you found the one. this is a place that is going to treat you like family and help you achieve your goals and all aspects our teachers are here to provide you with the ability to take in information and help you in areas that you need help in the most. because we understand that children learn at their own pace we provide a six to one student ratio for your child and adult self to learn and thrive and their curriculum academics. We have partnered with McMillan McGraw-Hill to implement a full academic curriculum which provides both virtual and print resources. This allows your child to grow at their own pace with our online opportunities. It also allows the opportunity for students to work both virtually and with print materials in order to build their Foundational skills and become lifelong learners.

Another reason that we are at the Top Special Education School PA it’s because our curriculum is a line to our strategic plan and incorporates opportunities for students to learn basic, industry standard certification and college level Advanced coding with stem skills. We offer common core standards and framework for goals and research at each grade level. We have taken resources that’ve been selected based on researchers and best practices and aligned them with students to transition back to the district with ease.

We also offer social and emotional strategies taught to students to utilize their behavioral approach we teach this to students from kindergarten to 12th grade each of them are going to be age appropriate social skills including communication, problem solving, decision-making, self-management and peer relationships of course this is all going to be related to the grade that they are in and how they are going to take it.

If you’re ready to start your education with us and further your social skills feel free to give us a call at 844-539-3366 . or you can also look us up online on our website where we have more of the information in the curriculum that we have to offer at

Top Special Education School PA | A Little or No Cost

Top Special Education School PA Take pride in that most of the students at Keystone Freedom Academy are often supported at little or no cost. because our Administration Team Works directly with each family and the school district to best support each student. that is providing everyone with the opportunity to learn with what we have to offer. We also have scholarships programs with limited spots available for people who want to come to our school on a scholarship. This is a great opportunity for you to further your education and advance in your social emotional skills.

Another reason that we are the Top Special Education School PA is because our school is located centrally and Eastern PA. This is giving the opportunity for students in numerous locations to be able to take advantage of our individualized programming to meet their learning needs. We also offer homeschool or sending home curriculum for parents who cannot make their child come every day or if you cannot provide transportation this would be a great opportunity for your child to still advance in our great opportunities. We want to provide you with not only the best education but as well as allowing you the opportunity to grow in your emotional intelligence.

If your student has trouble focusing and regular schools that are overcrowded and are hard to work in and focus on this is what makes us the Top Special Education School PA because we provide your child with great access to learning opportunities as well as letting them Advance at their own pace with their online curriculums. We also offer a tutor operation online that allows you to focus on tips and tools to help you strengthen your weaknesses. it is also a great way for your parents to get tips for stronger students and learn how to help your child. We want to make your child the best they can be and with our curriculums it is going to be a great way to introduce your child to what they can do.

Most schools have standards although we do have standards it is strictly designed for your students to exceed the best that they can. our standards to find what students are expected to know and be able to do as a result of instruction. with our programs in language arts, mathematics, social studies, and Technology they are all designed to assist your student in becoming college or career ready. We provide help and education for all students even those including significant cognitive disabilities. We believe anybody can make progress and show achievement with the standards. and social and emotional curriculum is under their SW PBIS this is also known as schoolwide positive behavior interactions and support. the best education as well as allowing the opportunity for people up to 21 to come and learn from what we have to offer. there’s going to be so much that you learned from not to start day-to-day curriculum but as well as learning how to manage your social and emotional struggles.

If you’re ready to start your child on our amazing programs and benefit them in ways that no other school can you found the place and make sure to give us a call as we are limited spots open on our scholarship program our number is 844-539-3366 .Or you can also find Us online on our website where you also have the ability to sign up as well as look over the information about what we have to offer our website is