Are you ready to enroll your child in Top Special Education School PA? great, because Keystone Freedom academic ( KFA) is currently accepting new students between the grades of 5 through 12 and as well as up to 21 years of age. Order for our team to expedite the application process, our parents must obtain a copy of the students IEP and behavioral support plan as well as many other evaluations that are on file. These evaluations are private or through your School’s district. Once our team reviews all the educational paperwork within 24 hours and then we will notify applicants of educational placement acceptance within the 48 hours.

KFA is currently located in eastern PA, students from numerous locations can take advantage of our program to meet their specific learning leads. Our schools provide access for students currently attending school in the surrounding districts and counties generally. We are also open to a third campus in Delaware County to provide closer access to our neighboring states and local students. Transportation will be provided by the sending or homeschool District so parents do not have to provide or transfer their child to school if they are enrolled in KFA.

Offer our parents the lowest tuition cost of any other Top Special Education School PA. Furthermore, we charge tuition daily rather than annually. We don’t want to burden our parents as well as other school districts with the cost of educating a child who may need and or attend any other facility. If parents decided to pay for the tuition for a year or a quarter we were refunded tuition. It should be that the students will be disenrolled. Most of our parents are month-to-month in our build in time to pay tuition costs by the first of each month they attend. We also currently have rates that work for everyone and every situation. We encourage you to ask more about our scholarship options.

Our end goal here at Top Special Education School PA is to provide not only the most affordable education and resources to families just like you, but we also want to continue giving back to the kids who are around us every day. We also want to encourage and offer opportunities for our students to volunteer for many different organizations such as Meals on Wheels or even make products for others in need. We want to provide your students with Hands-On learning as well as teaching from our growing foods.

You’re ready to provide your children with the best education that KFA has to offer in the PA area then please visit our website at From our website you can enroll your student into our school today as well as read more about the curriculum and our tuition process. You can also give us a call at 844-539-3366 if you would like to speak to one of our team members of education.

Top Special Education School PA| progressing our students one by one

We want to offer you a campus of opportunity here at Top Special Education School PA so that your children can be the best of what they do and reach an angle to success in life. Here at KFA we keep our commitment to support our students. We also invest our resources back into our program to provide your child with the best experiences to meet their academic as well as social and emotional Environmental needs. We want to provide not only the most affordable education and resources to your family just like you but we also want to continue giving back to the kids all around us every day. We encourage our students to volunteer . organizations such as me as well and other products that others need.

We want your students to feel comfortable and happy in a school environment. We want to know that your child feels safe as well as getting the education that is needed. Some of our students do not have a secondary disability of autism and can be supported if the primary need is for emotional support. We meet both students and their parents to discuss their needs and what they want to achieve as their end goal. If after meeting or reviewing all the paperwork we believe that we can successfully support the student we will offer an acceptance. students who do not get accepted are those We Believe are out there of District placements; it could be better supported with greater outcomes. We cannot accept students who do not want to be helped and succeed in success.

KFA has partnered with Top Special Education School PA to implement a black academic curriculum which provides both virtual and as well as printed resources. whatever the curriculum is aligned to our strategic plan and incorporates opportunities for students to learn basic, industry standard certifications, and our college level advanced scales. PA common core standard provides framework angles and resources at each grade level.

Our school leaders, partners with parents, teachers, as well as the entire School Community I am responsible for ensuring that every student is Engaging in all the challenging and rigorous curriculums. Top Special Education School PA special education leaders are responsible for argumenting the Core Curriculum with subliminal and Interventional materials. The academic and structural curriculum provides instructions with an additional focus on social/emotional and life skills.

if you’re ready for your child to be the best in school and work on improving not only social skills but developing core academic knowledge as well as increasing appropriate behaviors and developing critical career and work skills and preparation for a productive life as an adult you can visit our website at From here you are more than welcome to enroll your child into our 2024-20-25 school year as well as any other locations nearby in Delaware County, PA. If you have any more questions and maybe want to speak to one of our academic team members then you can give us a call at 844-539-3366 and we will be more than happy to help you with any questions that you may have.