Are you the concerned guardian of a student that is currently struggling in a typical public education school system and you are considering the possibility of a Top Special Education School PA for the remainder of their education? If you answered yes to this question then we can definitely help you over here at Keystone of Freedom Academy where we tried to provide every student a personalized education plan to help them Advance both within the standard for subjects of Education here in Pennsylvania as well as their life skills and social skills. developing a student’s lifelong skill set among their ability to manage their own behaviors is definitely extremely important and just as important as learning mathematics, English literature, and much more.

However, you shouldn’t fear as we do teach all four subjects as required in the state of Pennsylvania on top of providing the amazing personalized education and behavioral support as necessary to be one of the Top Special Education School PA! A really cool thing about the way that your student will learn the course subjects here in Pennsylvania is the fact that we are going to teach them using separate courses for each subject that we have deemed best for the specific area. This means that your child is going to have the chance to review resources that are tangible and online as well as through our teachers and help assist with the programs that these core subjects are taught through .

As I can become a parent it is also awesome for you to stand the sure, goals, and resources that are required for your student to be able to Excel and become a functioning member of society. However, here at Keystone Freedom Academy we definitely understand exactly what is needed to help students who may be struggling in certain areas such as behavior, a traumatic event, and so much more. These are all definitely some of the main reasons as to why we are a Top Special Education School PA with several staff members all retaining extensive knowledge when it comes to special education.

Our teachers are here to show you exactly why that is because each teacher we have has a master’s in special education. This means each teacher is familiar with the special requirements it’s going to take to help your student and their particular situation. If your student is nonverbal we are also going to make sure that they are able to advocate for themselves at all times using other methods. Even if your child has a certain disability we are more than willing to help assist them unlike Public Schools who may be limited on the amount of assistance they can provide. The entirety of our staff is willing, trained, and knowledgeable about how to best assist your students during this time.

a little bit more about our onboarding process as well as hear from other Guardians and students who have attended our school you can definitely check out our website at Keystone Freedom! If you would prefer going to talk to a faculty member you were awesome more than welcome to reach us at 844-539-3366.

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We want to make sure You know exactly how we could help you and your family here at Keystone Freedom Academy, a Top Special Education School PA. With our personalized education plans that are tailored to each student’s needs as well as our faculty who are more than trained and educated Within These special education fields we are well equipped to handle you and your students needs. the classroom methodology is to go ahead and remove the power Dynamic that you see in most classroom settings as well as providing a point-based system for independent behaviors and reinforcing those behaviors. These are just a few of the things that make us severely different from other special education academies this year and exactly why we are probably the best.

however, as a Top Special Education School PA or also always in search of Faculty members to add to our team. we’re faculty members who have beliefs that are going to align with ours. Some of these beliefs are that the students they are going to help grow will be able to strengthen their social skills and will allow them to practice self advocacy. Another very important belief that we require from a potential employee that’s going to be the belief that every student reserves a right to be treated with dignity and respect. These are very important aspects to your employment here at our facility.

A cultural everyday full of safety, goals, and professionalism at all levels is definitely one of the most important factors for anyone that we may hire here at Top Special Education School PA, Stone freedom academy. With this, we want to talk about what we can offer you here if you do choose to be employed by us. We hope that you choose to be employed through our facility for good reasons such as the belief of each student and opportunities. However, there are really cool competitive things that we offer you here at our facility such as a competitive salary, 100% paid medical, rx eye and dental, a simple ira, as well as life insurance. These are just a few of the tangible or at least valuable things that we can provide you here.

We are going to be part-time or full-time. We want to make sure that you have personal benefit programs to fit your needs. So these benefits are going to go ahead and include Major Medical Health Care insurance, life insurance, short disability insurance, tax sheltered and new programs, paid vacations and holidays, bereavement days, and so much more. These are just a few of the amazing benefits that you are going to explain if you become an employee at our facility.

Another thing that sets us aside from other special education facilities that you may be looking to be employed at is our testimonials from previous employees or current employees. go ahead and review that information you can visit our website at or give us a call at 844-539-3366.