Best Special Education School PA believes in providing a conducive learning environment for all students especially those with special needs. It is our mission to provide an education for students who face social coming emotional, and Behavioral challenges. We believe in providing freedom and education that creates lifelong success. We allow students the freedom to access their education and to grow into who they were always designed to be and into a productive society.

Best Special Education School PA want to allow all of our special education students to be all they can be. Without services like ours many students would otherwise be left behind or placed in schools and detention centers for children with problems. We understand that every person has a gift and we want to help your student find them. With the help of our instructors, your student, and you as the parent, we want to establish goals for your student and help them to achieve everything they possibly can.

Best Special Education School we believe that we are successful because of our small student to teach her ratio. We believe in what we do here at Keystone Freedom Academy because the atmosphere and our school are welcoming and positive. Our leadership team is incredible as well as strong and focused. We create a safe and comfortable environment for every student we serve. Our entire School is about supporting families and their students whenever we can.

We have had students over the years that have stated they never thought they would be on their way to college before attending Keystone freedom academy. We believe that everyone should work together to create a happy safe place for learning. We believe it’s important to work hard to support each other and fellow students. We think it’s important to provide creative and healthful outlets for stress. We love to come up with creative ideas for each student to be able to improve the way that they share their ideas

We want to visit with you today and find out how we can serve you as your student. We have knowledgeable academic counselors standing by to answer any of your questions. You can call us at 844-539-3366 we have amazing scholarship opportunities so that every student has the chance to receive the education they deserve. We would encourage you to check on our website at to read more about all of the academics that we offer as well as amazing testimonials slept by current and previous students in our families. Your passion is our students and their education. We strive every day to help our students reach their goals and achieve everything they set out to do. We understand that our instructors cannot be successful if our students are not successful. Therefore we encourage our students and their parents to participate in their education. We would absolutely love it if you gave our school a call today so we can get your child enrolled in our amazing programs! We can not wait to hear from you.

Best Special Education School Pa | Pennsylvania Private Education

Best Special Education School PA wants to help your child succeed in all of their student’s careers. Our mission is to help those students that suffer from social, emotional, and behavioral challenges. We want to provide them with the freedom to reach their Highest Potential in their academic career and a lifetime of success. We want to equip them with the tools that effectively allow them to reach their highest potential. We believe that it is important for every one of our students to respect themselves and others. We understand that it is the responsibility of every individual to create a fun, happy, and safe learning environment that is conducive to learning.

Best Special Education School PA believes that we are the best and set apart because we offer many benefits such as our college readiness program and our individual and group counseling sessions. We offer community-based work opportunities and extensive networks of outside mental health Partnerships. We Believe students should have the freedom to access their education and provide them with an opportunity to grow into productive successful members of society. We believe in creating opportunities for tomorrow for every student.

Best Special Education School PA at Keystone Freedom Academy is it private academic Academy that uses trauma-informed care and other strategies to provide the best learning environment for our students. Our academics prepares students for their return back to their homeschool or post-secondary education. We make a difference because we can prepare your student to return to the public school system within 2 to 3 years. We assist all of our students with credit recovery and we are fully accredited by Middle States commissions on Elementary and secondary schools.

Keystone Freedom Academy believes in a restraint-free environment. This means that we are free from bullying, our students are free to make mistakes and they are free to learn at their pace and preference. We believe that working with special education students is our calling and our passion. We have designed a program that identifies student triggers and helps them learn to self-regulate. We know that Keystone Freedom Academy has a passion for your student and their education and that you will be thrilled with the level of Education that your student receives with us. We want to hear from you today! We have a limited amount of spots available so we encourage you to call immediately.

Our number is 844-539-3366 and we have one of our knowledgeable academic counselors ready and waiting to answer all of your questions or address any other concerns that you may have. We have plenty of educational information on our website that would benefit you and your student. Our website we want to help your student become all that they can be. We want to equip them with everything they need to succeed in their academic career and the rest of their life as well. With our students and their education as our passion, we know that you will be happy with the services that you receive with Keystone freedom academy.