When it comes to the Best Special Education School PA We want to provide students a safe environment free from restraints, free from bullying, free to make mistakes, and free to learn at their individual pace and preference. Working with social, emotional, and behaviorally complex students is our calling and our passion. We designed a program that identifies student triggers and teaches students strategies for self-regulation.We believe in giving students the freedom to own their individual strengths and challenges in order to learn to best self-advocate for their needs. A student who can successfully advocate for themselves within the school setting is one that can successfully advocate for themselves in the real world.

Here at Best Special Education School PA Freedom is at the core of what we believe at Keystone Freedom Academy. While many believe that the best approach to dealing with challenging behaviors is to restrict students, we believe that allowing students to have the freedom of choice, the ability to speak their minds, and freedom from restraints is the best way to allow students to grow. Rather than minimizing academics, KFA believes in combining academics and behavioral support throughout the curriculum. Social skills and behavior management are integrated into academic lessons and are a part of everything that we do at KFA. Social and emotional learning is not something restricted to a specific block of time, rather, it exists within all lessons and aspects of the school day.

We partner with McMillan McGraw-Hill to implement a full academic curriculum which provides both virtual and print resources. Technology is ever changing and will always be embedded within each student’s education at some level. When it comes to the Best Special Education School PA at Keystone Freedom Academy provides the opportunity for students to work both virtually and with print materials to build upon their foundational skills and become lifelong learners. Keystone Freedom Academy has earned accreditation by the Middle States Association Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools, a worldwide leader in accreditation and continuous school improvement.

If you really want to help in developing social skills for your child then enroll them in our program right away. This is going to be something really good for them to be able to function really well later in life and in society. Additionally, they will have a really good curriculum that is customized for them that is helping them to learn at the appropriate pace. We will be very dedicated to their education and helping them to succeed. We really do care about your kids and their development.

For more information questions or concerns go check out our website or give us a call at https://keystonefreedomacademy.org or 844-539-3366 we know you a 100% be satisfied with our school and everything that it has to offer to you and your littles. We strive to go above and beyond to ensure our students are well educated and will be provided for. We love everything about special education.

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At the Best Special Education School PA we believe in creating opportunities for tomorrow while finding Freedom today. We offer scholarship opportunities that are available for every budget. We encourage you to apply now as our spots are unlimited. We also encourage you to ask about our referral program. Some of the benefits that you receive on attending Keystone Freedom Academy is that the student teacher ratio is six to one. We also offer community-based work opportunities that teach by building a community that feels like family. We offer college readiness programs and an extensive network of all Alzheimer’s Mental Health Partnership among many other benefits.

Here at the Best Special Education School PA The accreditation process begins with a self-study that is conducted by the school or school system and requires input from school leaders, teachers, parents and students. Following the self-study, a team of volunteer educators from Middle States member schools conducts an on-site peer review visit to observe school operations and interview various stakeholders. The visiting team makes its recommendation to the Middle States Association Commissions, which votes on the accreditation. Accreditation is a multifaceted evaluation process that schools and school systems voluntarily use to demonstrate they are meeting a defined set of research-based performance standards.

Student outcomes when it comes to the Best Special Education School PA is that of Competent Thinkers who are able to use critical and creative thinking, solve problems, make decisions, and analyze data. Effective Communicators who can possess the ability to express themselves through a variety of mediums, including written or oral communication, art, and music; and who accurately interpret the various methods of communication of others, asking necessary questions and demonstrating listening skills. Physically and Emotionally Self-Aware Individuals who can understand the importance of achieving and maintaining a healthy level of fitness and who can balance emotional and intellectual decisions and successful application of academic, intellectual, artistic, practical, and technological skills.

We Believe mindfulness is a tool that should be used to enable students to access their education more effectively and to help self-regulate when they are experiencing heightened emotions. We want to help interact with one another and an effective and respectable manner. We believe in a restraint-free approach for all Behavior management. We understand that negative behaviors cannot always be avoided but we treat the thesis with me or a heightened emotion and try to do better next time.

For more information questions or concerns go check out our website or give us a call at https://keystonefreedomacademy.org or 844-539-3366 We want each one of our students to reach the highest possible level of independence. We encourage this by including our students as well as our instructors and our student’s parents in all of the goal-making. We are confident in our educational system and the techniques that we have in place. We know that you will be satisfied with your student’s education. We would absolutely love it if you gave our school a call today so we can get your child enrolled in our amazing programs! We can not wait to hear from you.