We know how hard it can be when you are in search of Best Special Education School PA, which is why we want to make the process as easy and trustworthy as possible here at Keystone freedom academy. we want to make sure that you as the parent and the student are all together very comfortable coming to our school and aware of the curriculum that we provide. with this, we are going to offer you and your student the opportunity to be able to Shadow our school district if your student is accepted into our enrollment. enrollment is going to be a breeze for you and your family and you only need to provide us a little bit of documentation regarding your students previous educational background and Behavioral issues.

here at Keystone Freedom Academy we definitely want to make sure that every student has the best chance at a fulfilling future in a career they may want to pursue and create family they may want to have. this is why we provide the Best Special Education School PA that you can find nearby. With all of our teachers trained in trauma informed care and behavioral implementation into curriculum we are more than confident that we are going to be able to provide your student with a great opportunity at their education today. whether your student is having issues with standard behavior, attention span, has suffered a traumatic event, or much more we can definitely help them out.

our curriculum is one of a kind and we remain focusing on the core subjects of our state while also providing some of the Best Special Education School PA and behavioral implementation into curriculum. we like to implement some restorative practices as well with your students once they are enrolled at our academy. our goal is to be able to provide your student with the Life skills, Social skills, and confidence they need to be able to be a contributing member of our society.

if you have found that your child has been struggling within their current Public School District or you believe that they may need extra assistance during their schooling whether that be to do to a disability or possibly just simple behavioral issues we can definitely help you out. all we are going to require from you is an IEP behavioral plan along with any evaluations done by the public school district or private districts that you have sought out personally.

once we receive your students information we are going to review it within 24 hours and we will get back to you within 24 to 48 in regards to your students acceptance here at our academy. it is good to know that your student can also attend other districts outside of our specific Academy and we will be more than happy to help you place them in and out of District position. to check out more about this placement opportunity you can visit our website on Keystonefreedomacademy.org. we also recommend that you give us a call if you have any questions about the enrollment process or the opportunities that we are going to be able to provide your student at 844-539-3366.

Best Special Education School PA | Our Passion Is Opportunity

Keystone Freedom Academy is the Best Special Education School PA has to offer locally. with scholarships available for pretty much any budget as well as teachers and faculty who are trained on behavioral health, trauma care responses, and so much more we are more than confident that our staff and our teachers are going to provide your student with great opportunities. we know that some students May struggle within a standard educational setting which is why we make sure that our curriculum and our methods are unique, proven, and will in fact provide your student with their best chance at a future.

so whether your student has struggled with simple behavioral issues, has experienced a traumatic event and resulted in struggles in school, or has a learning disability and it’s not excelling in the way you wish in a public school then go ahead and check out our Academy for the Best Special Education School PA. Our curriculum truly is unique in the sense that we are going to provide a education focusing on the core standards of our state along with implementing many behavioral techniques and restorative practices in our curriculum as well.

another really cool thing about Keystone Freedom Academy is the fact that they have removed the power Dynamic within the classroom and provided a point system in place. this is definitely what makes them the Best Special Education School PA has to offer because you definitely cannot find this capabilities within other classrooms. We also know that we are very amazing for being able to offer both virtual and physical educational resources in order to help those who may benefit from virtual education.

our resources are thoroughly researched, chosen based off best practices, and align with other school districts within the area. this means that we can actually allow your student to transition back into the old school district they were in Prior if that is what they wish to do. we understand that not every student is here to complete the totality of their education at our schooling but we more than welcome it. it is also good to take note that we can assist you in placing your student in and out of District education.

lastly we want to make sure that you understand that our faculty and teachers are highly trained and skilled within behavioral assistance, trauma care, and special education. each teacher retains a master’s in special education within their chosen field. to learn more about our curriculum and our methods used within the classroom you can check out our website ad Keystonefreedomacademy.org. while you’re there we advise that you review the amazing testimonials from previous students and their families who have benefited here at our private academy. once you have decided that we are going to be the best Academy for you go ahead and give us a call at 844-539-3366.