If you are looking for the Best Special Education School PA look no further than Keystone Freedom Academy in Philadelphia pennsylvania. at Keystone our teachers and staff Pride themselves on putting all their effort into building a curriculum that can benefit each student individually as everyone is unique here at our school. considering students have disabilities, everyone has their own learning needs that are teachers and staff work hard every day to meet. Teachers will utilize numerous different strategies to help engage students and push them towards academic excellence. these strategies include but are not limited to the use of reinforcement and encouragement in the classroom, shaping a student’s thought process, and prompting them.

At the Best Special Education School PA students will receive a personalized curriculum that best helps them learn and reach their academic goals. at Keystone Freedom Academy, we put a heavy emphasis on giving our students a high level academic experience, despite it being a special education institution. At our prestigious institution we will put our students through a Core Curriculum that includes classes like mathematics, English language arts, history, science, and much more. when it comes to these classes individually, they will utilize different resources to help enhance The Learning Experience here at Keystone freedom academy.

in our mathematics class they will use a program called reveal math which is a unique program that is based on the foundations of productive struggles, Target based learning, Collaborative Learning, growth mindset, and mathematical discourse. the English language arts will use study sync which is a easy to use language arts program available to grade 6 through 12. science and social studies will both utilize mcgraw-hills online resources, as well as their textbooks in the classroom. one thing that is common across all of our classes at Best Special Education School PA is our use of community-based learning. it is our main goal to provide these kids a place where they can interact, and socialize with others, and work towards a group goal that they set together.

at Keystone Freedom Academy our instructional programming has a heavy focus on a few Main things. the first is academic courses which we already went over, the next is the emphasis on improving social skills and behavioral skills, and finally we push our students to learn valuable career and life skills that will benefit them later on by putting them in real life settings. our goal is to prepare our students to have successful adult lives and be able to live independently. students at Keystone Freedom Academy will leave with a strong foundation in core academic classes as well as invaluable social skills that will serve them long into the future.

if you have any more questions regarding this information please give us a call at 844-539-3366. also feel free to check out our amazing website over at https://keystonefreedomacademy.org/ .

Best Special Education School PA | Top Rated Institution

At the Best Special Education School PA parents and students alike should expect and extremely high level of academic coursework, as well as a personalized learning experience based on each and every students unique needs. at Keystone Freedom Academy we cannot only guarantee this high level of academic excellence, A specialized learning experience for each and every student, but also a heavy emphasis on learning life skills that will prepare your son or daughter to have a successful adult life down the road. we love what we do and have a proud staff full of teachers who work hard day in and day out to provide this experience for you and your kids.

at Keystone Freedom Academy, when it comes to our academic courses, our students will participate in standard core classes such as science, English language arts, math, social studies and many more. The Best Special Education School PA is Keystone Freedom Academy because we offer such excellent academic rigor, as well as a personalized learning experience for each and every student based on their individual pace of learning. teachers will utilize different strategies to help accommodate students needs as they embark on this journey at Keystone freedom academy. teachers will often use lots of visual learning examples to support the acquisition of the content during a course. he just will also use shaping the way a student thinks, prompting them in a certain direction, and reinforcement to help students learn as well.

One thing that is unique about the Best Special Education School PA is our use of community-based instruction, which is common across all of our courses, whether it’s a core class like mathematics, or an instructional class such as social emotional learning or sel. our core classes utilize a number of different programs to help enhance the learning experience. in our English language arts class, we use a program called study sync which is an easy to use resource available to grade 6 through 12 to help enrich the literature students are exposed to in the classroom. math will use an amazing program called reveal math which has a unique way about helping students to absorb the content knowledge. the history and science departments will both use McGraw-Hill as they are high quality resources both online and in person. students will be exposed to Hands-On projects as well as online assignments to help diversify their experience as workers.

although we put a heavy emphasis on academics here at Keystone Freedom Academy it is our main goal to provide these students with the right social skills, Behavioral skills, life skills, and work skills to have great success in their adult life. by putting students in a community-based learning environment, it forces students to socialize and work with others to reach a common goal. we also encourage students to set individual goals as it is important to be able to take the steps towards where you want to be.

if you would like to know more about our amazing institution over here at Keystone Freedom academy, give us a call at 844-539-3366. check out our website at https://keystonefreedomacademy.org/ .