Don’t settle for anything less than Best Special Education School PA which is Keystone freedom academy. in Philadelphia pennsylvania. our goal is to provide your student with an amazing academic learning experience, put them in a extremely social environment to help them to build up Social and behavioral skills, while still accommodating every student’s individual unique needs. at Keystone Freedom Academy we are proud to have a staff of teachers that truly care about each and every student and their own needs in this journey to graduating high school.

something you need to Keystone Freedom Academy and something that really makes us the Best Special Education School PA is our use of community-based learning across all of our classes as it puts a focus on improving social skills and adaptability in all kinds of different environments. it also helps students increase appropriate behaviors and develop teamwork skills as they will be working with others towards a common goal that they set together. speaking of goals, students are also heavily encouraged to set their own individual goals and objectives, create a list of steps, and work towards each and every step to eventually achieve their goal.

most other institutions will act more as a day’s care while the Best Special Education School PA, Keystone freedom academy, will act as a preparatory school for life. our goal here is to give your student the necessary tools to have a productive life as they go into adulthood. teachers will create a personalized experience that help us each and every student learn in their own way through a number of different techniques. all classes will use large amounts of visual Assistance as it helps with acquiring knowledge during the duration of a core class. teachers will also try and shape the way students think to help them Reach a comfortable place and if I were her I would I would do this they’re learning Journey, as well as using reinforcement and prompting to push students to do their best.

a little more about some of our core classes that we offer at Keystone Freedom Academy. these classes include social studies, science, mathematics, and English language arts. within these classes there will be the use of different programs. for example in English Language Arts students will be utilizing a program called study sync which is an easy-to-use resource that assist student in the learning of English language arts and is available to grade 6 through 12. our math department uses reveal math which helps students to study for tests through a number of different unique incentives. the science and social studies departments will both make use of mcgraw-hills amazing in person resources, as well as they’re easily accessible online ones.

if you would like any more information and details on our Institution, never hesitate to call us at 844-539-3366. you’re also welcome to check out our website at

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Not hesitate to reach out to us at Keystone Freedom Academy as we are Simply the Best Special Education School PA. here at the Academy we pride ourselves on our emphasis on not only providing an amazing core academic experience for our students, but also encouraging them to build up their social skills, as well as their career skills which will be of benefit to them as they move into their adulthood. when it comes to our core academic curriculum, we have our students take standard classes such as science, mathematics, English language arts, and social studies. there is also a heavy emphasis on stem in the grand scheme of things at Keystone freedom academy.

in all of our core classes, students will be able to utilize online and in person resources from a number of different programs. our science, as well as our social studies departments will both use mcgraw-hills online resources, as well as their Hands-On activities and textbooks in person. the mathematics department will use reveal math which utilizes the foundations of productive struggles mathematical discourse, growth mindset, and Collaborative Learning to instill the idea of long-term growth in our students learning experience. the English language arts department will use study sync, and easy to use program available to grade 6 through 12 and helps enrich the reading and writing experience students will have here at the academy. just a few reasons that make us the Best Special Education School PA.

when it comes to each individual person at our school, we understand that everyone has their own unique ways of learning and needs when it comes to their instruction during their time here at Keystone freedom academy. every single student will receive a modified and individualized curriculum to help accommodate their pace of learning. all of our teachers work hard every day to provide this experience for our students, and they use different strategies to achieve this. teachers will often use shaping the way a student thinks, prompting them to keep going, and reinforcement and encouragement, among other special techniques. When you are shopping around for the Best Special Education School PA, you should expect a unique and personalized experience just like the one we offer at Keystone freedom academy.

one thing that is very common across all of our classes is the implementation of community-based instruction which allows students to interact and socialize with others and work towards finishing a project and achieving group set goals. this will help them to improve their social and behavioral skills, adapt to Unique environments, and build up work and life skills that will be a great asset to them later on in their adult careers that you could potentially have with us here today now.

we love what we do here at Keystone freedom academy, and if you have any more questions or would just like to know more about our amazing institution, please reach out to our staff at 844-539-3366, and don’t forget to check out our website for more details at we look forward to this journey with you.